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Our Thoughts

Written By: Craig Dunkleberger

Eighty percent of our thoughts are negative ones you see.
We need to engage with some of these thoughts & let some be.
With practice, you can turn these negative thoughts around,
by using positive self talk and optimisim that you have found.

You can choose to be pessimistic and find the worst in things,
or you can find hope and gratitude in the things your life brings.
If you think you aren’t good enough, you won’t do anything right.
You will think every candle is  a stick of dynamite ready to ignite.


Stress and Your Body

Written By: Craig Dunkleberger

When you feel stressed your brain springs into action,

Making it not function at full capacity, just at a fraction.

It pumps cortisol throughout your body causing you harm,

Changing your ability to remember, causing some alarm.

Chronic stress can also make your hair start to fall out.

Stress can get out of control, making you want to shout.

The hair can regrow once you get your stress under control.

It is easy to see that chronic stress can take a heavy toll.

When you are stressed your muscles start to get really tight.

It is a reflexive reaction as your body gears up for a fight.

Chronic stress cause your muscles to be tight and very sore.

Making your back, shoulders, and neck worse than before.

Any stressful situation can make your heart to beat really fast,

and it raises your blood pressure as time has gone past.

This can lead to cardiovascular problems, which is no joke.

Increasing the risk of heart attack, hypertension, and stroke.

Stress can make it very hard for you to get the oxygen you need.

You breath harder than ever before and you increase the speed.

Some studies show acute stress can cause you to have a panic attack.

You need to breathe into a paper bag to get breathing back on track.

Then, your hypothalamus sends messages to your pituitary gland.

and the amount of epinephrine and cortisol suddenly expand.

Then your liver produces glucose to prepare you to fight or flight.

But this makes your blood sugar level too high, and not quite right.

Your stomach and gut responds and reacts to stress hormones too.

It causes you heart burn, neusea, and acid reflux to name just a few.

If your stress is bad you can develop ulcers throughout your body.

You can also have diarrhea, or have problems going to the potty.

Stress can cause an irregular menstral cycle and increase your pain.

It can also cause hot flashes making your groan and complain.

It can decrease your sperm production as well as your sex drive.

This happens as erectile dysfunction and impotence start to jive.

Studies show that breakouts are related to your current mood.

Cortisol and oil production starts to increase and is suddenly renewed.

This causes acne, eczema and for your skin to become very red,

and you need to calm yourself down before this starts to spread.

Stress can hurt, but it doesn’t have to if you know what to do.

Try some of these helpful strategies to help you get through.

Incorporate these strategies when you are overwhelmed and stressed,

and you will quickly see yourself and your health at its very best.

Thinking positive thoughts can help get your stress level down.

Then, try listening to some funny jokes to take away your frown.

Music helps improve emotional well-being and promote healing.

These are all things you can do to help the way that you are feeling.

You can go for a walk end enjoy the nature that is around you.

This can really help when you are feeling stressed and sad too.

You can also watch fish in a tank or just go play with your dog.

You can also excersize, go for a run, walk, or even a light jog.

These are some strategies that you can use to help stress go away.

But do not worry, because stress can always come back another day.